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Fom time to time we have people like you bring to our attention where HorseShowpatterns.com has been mention either in the news or in a publication. We'd be happy to know and will post some of the more notable here.


How It's Made-Part 3: The making of Showmanship

Source: Text by Katie Navarra • Photos by Jeff Kirkbride and KC Montgomery


...Cross usually judges a pattern designed by someone else. "The show committee, one of the other judges or one of David Denniston's patterns from Horseshowpatterns.com is used," he says, "we don't always have the option of designing our own."


Riding a Horsemanship Pattern

APHA judge and educator David Denniston offers tips for riding a horsemanship pattern.
By Jennifer Nice, with David Denniston | June 2007


When APHA judge and educator David Denniston of Mead, Colo., isn't judging horse shows, he's busy developing horse show patterns for other judges and exhibitors. Here, he provides step-by-step advice on how to ride one of his horsemanship patterns.




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