Friday, June 14, 2024

Horse Show Patterns: New FeaturesNew Features! continues to listen to our valued members. In response to our members, we continue to add new features and functionality to We are excited to introduce just a few of our most recent "New Features." Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with these new features.

We are continually listening carefully to our valued members and take your input very seriously. Our members have asked us to enlarge the number of characters allowed for the title of a horse show and we have. Our members have asked us to enlarge the number of characters allowed in the "Provided By" field to allow for more than one judges name and we did. Additionally, we have re-structured the appearance of our member's folder of patterns to allow our members to see ALL information pertaining to individual patterns. Now members can not only see the pattern category (i.e. Western Horsemanship) but you can also see the age/ level field (i.e. 14- 18 / Amateur).

Our members continue to complement us on how professional our patterns appear at horse shows and how great they are for exhibitors. However, our valued members who are also judges wanted a way to print more than one pattern per page so they don't have to shuffle through so much paperwork when judging. Well...we listened and proudly announce our newest feature: Judge's Patterns!!! Click on the blue "Judge's Patterns" above to see a sample.

Quickly and easily email your horse show patterns in just a few clicks. It's SOOOO the blue "Send Patterns" link above for an online demonstration. See how easy it will be for recipients to receive your patterns.

We hope you enjoy these added features and thank you for your continued input. We are "the Standard in Horse Show Patterns" because of your feedback and support. We will continue to add new features and updates to make creating horse show patterns more convenient for our valued members.


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