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Horse Show Patterns:  How it works!

Horse Show will guide you through choosing the patterns that are right for you and customizing those patterns for a crisp, professional look.


Once you become a valued member of, you will have full access to the members only portion of the site where you can easily create professional horse show patterns.


Step #1:


Step #2: Select Pattern Class


Step #3: Select Pattern Difficulty


Step #4: Select Pattern


Step #5:

Your pattern will be created and added to your personal folder.

You can view the patterns in your folder at any time to print, delete or download them.  Patterns will be categorized by show and by date so that they are easy to organize.

Patterns are held in your personal folder for up to 30 days unless you remove them before then.

Have patterns that you think should be included in our site?  We would love to know about them!

Become a PLUS Member!!!

Plus members have all Premium member benefits plus:

    1. Once a PLUS member finds a Horse Show pattern they like, PLUS members can mark and add the pattern as one of their favorites. Then, PLUS members can search all patterns or search only their favorite patterns!!
    2. Only a PLUS member can send their patterns to us to create for them. A charge of $4.00 is assessed for each pattern created. Once we create a PLUS member’s pattern, we will post in a “my private patterns” area of a PLUS members account for only them to see. PLUS members can then customize their private patterns and / or patterns from Horse Show!

Try it yourself!

Click here to create a sample pattern.



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