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Horse Show Who are we?

David DennistonHorse Show was created by and is owned by David J. Denniston of Colorado. Dave is currently a professional judge for the American Paint Horse Association and has also been teaching young people to become horse show judges for over 10 years. Over the years, Dave's students have frequently been hired to judge 4-H and open horse shows and have often asked him to supply them with horse show patterns. For convenience, Dave decided to post some of his patterns on a website so that his students could easily access the patterns when they were hired to judge a horse show. The web based patterns became so popular with Dave's students that he decided the website might be useful to a larger audience. Hence, with the input from numerous professional horse show judges and Dave's leadership, Horse Show was created.


"I created the site for the convenience of horse show judges and show managers. I feel more professional arriving at a horse show with computer generated, custom horse show patterns and I know you will too. Horse Show was created by judges for judges."


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